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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Hi all! My name is Alex and I am an iOS Development Student at Lambda Schools. As of this morning, I started my third week at Lambda! I basically just wanted to start this blog to track my progress and give a general overview of my day-today at Lambda. 

The first week was absolutely grueling! I spent most of my days completely confused an up until 10 o’clock or so putting all the pieces together. Since we learn so much in a short period of time it can be difficult to keep up, but spending the extra time and talking to fellow students really helped me to understand the “big picture” and your code and storyboard communicate. 

I am going to do a simple overview of my first couple of weeks, but I hope to bring you a weekly update of something specific I learned and break down the objective for you. I would say the major thing that I took away from week one which was vital for me was understanding a function/method.

func the name(innerParameter OuterParameter: Type) -> WhatTypeWeExpectBack {

                   code   }

Basically what I learned here is the throught the code in a func, you are going to use what you have already stated. So, when the method outlined, you can see that you have something to use as a placeholder in your code, such as the outer parameter. I think that once I realized that a method is used to solve multiple cases (not just a single problem), it was easier for me to understand how to see and use them. Admittingly, I still struggle with the code. However, I think knowing the anatomy has helped. 

Throughout my second week, I felt my understanding of the general concepts got stronger, as in how my code talks to each other and what that conversation looks like on screen. However, I am still waiting for writing the code to click. For example, we had a sprint challenge on Friday where we built a single view app to store a movie title and a button stating “seen” or “unseen”. The titles and button were stored in a custom UITableViewCell in a UITableView. The button was supposed to state “Unseen” when added, and when clicked, say “Seen”. The state was declared as a property in a struct with a default value of false (var hasSeen: Bool = false). For some reason this totally stumped me! I could not figure out how to configure the button to do what I wanted it to do. I partly believe it is me overthinking it, but we have never gone over how to configure and code a button, so basically I am still lost. I think it is partly because I don’t know what options are available to me!

If you have feedback or suggestions, please leave it in the comments! 

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